About the 2045 Plan

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) establishes the vision of Central Florida’s entire transportation system for Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. We are keeping in mind these five planning principles as we develop the 2045 MTP:

  • PLAN FOR EVERYONE. We want to provide transportation options that move people, not just cars. The transportation system can promote healthy ways to get around and help preserve the environment.
  • PUT SAFETY FIRST. Eliminating traffic deaths will require us to rethink how we plan the system, including slowing speeds on many of our roads.
  • MAKE CONNECTIONS TO JOBS. Each of us depends on many fellow Central Floridians who need public transit to connect to their jobs. The system should serve these needs.
  • PROVIDE RELIABLE TRIP TIMES. If we can make commutes more predictable and minimize frustrations, everybody wins.
  • BE READY FOR THE UNKNOWN. Technology is changing transportation, but it can’t solve all our problems. We need to be prepared to take advantage of technological advances.

Read more about how we plan for 2045 in our brochure, found below in English and Spanish:

2045 Plan Brochure – English

2045 Plan Brochure – Folleto del Plan 2045 – Español

How DOES long range Planning WORK?

The 2045 Plan identifies current and future needs based on population projections and travel demand. The plan is updated every five years to reflect the changing dynamics of the region.  Projects must be included in the plan to receive federal and state funding.

Central Florida is currently guided by the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan, which was adopted by the MetroPlan Orlando Board on June 11, 2014 and updated on December 9, 2015. The name of our 20-year vision was changed to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for this plan cycle to better reflect the nature of the planning area and process.

Putting together the 2045 Plan involves several steps:

  • Examining the condition of the current transportation system
  • Using data and creativity to establish goals and objectives
  • Gathering public input and coordinating with partners
  • Evaluating transportation needs through technical analysis and looking at various future scenarios that will affect the system
  • Compiling a list of projects for which we are likely to have adequate funding
  • Presenting a draft 2045 Plan to the MetroPlan Orlando’s working group, advisory committees, and board for approval

Who shapes the 2045 Plan?

The MetroPlan Orlando Board has the ultimate say in what goes into the 2045 Plan. Before adopting the plan, they will consider input from many different sources — including you, members of the public! MetroPlan Orlando also has an extensive structure of advisory committees to help give the board feedback from many points of view. These committees review items related to the 2045 Plan and provide input before the Board considers it. Additionally, MetroPlan Orlando has set up a special 2045 Plan Working Group that reviews all technical documentation and provides feedback. Learn more about the 2045 Plan Working Group here.


If you have a question about long range planning, feel free to contact us at MTP@metroplanorlando.org or call our office at 407-481-5672 and ask for a member of the community outreach team.

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