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MetroPlan Orlando is not conducting in-person community events, but we offer many ways to interact with us online.  See below for listings of virtual events, where you can find out more about the 2045 Plan and share your opinions.

Future Fest – September 1, 2020

View a recording of Future Fest, which focuses on scenarios that could affect Central Florida in the year 2045. A national expert discusses the future of transportation. Our team presents four distinct scenarios that are incorporated in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, while  local leaders paint a picture of what our region may be like 25 years from now – and how we can prepare.

Health & Environment webinar – August 19, 2020

The Health & Environment webinar focuses on public health and environmental issues in Central Florida. Speakers cover such important topics as health indicators, resiliency planning, and conservation. The Healthy Mobility Tool is also introduced, and the panelists talk about environmental equity and land uses, as they relate to transportation now and in 2045.

There are two recordings of the Planning for 2045 webinar, which focuses on how MetroPlan Orlando is planning Central Florida’s transportation future. The same presentation is is offered to two audiences, whose members pose a variety of questions to our team. Planning Central Florida’s transportation system for the year 2045 requires technical expertise as well as public input. During the webinar we consider how our region will evolve and what kind of transportation will best meet the needs of residents and visitors 25 years from now.

Planning for 2045 webinar (afternoon session) – August 12, 2020

Planning for 2045 webinar (evening session) – August 11, 2020

Check back soon. We have more events in the works.

2045 MTP Presentations at our Board & Committee Meetings

In addition to our special 2045 Plan events, our staff  members make regular presentations to the MetroPlan Orlando Board and advisory committees. Check our Virtual Meetings Page to find out about upcoming presentations. You’ll also see links to YouTube recordings of previous meetings where the 2045 Plan was discussed. For more information about meetings and presentations, check our Calendar & Meeting Materials section.



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