2045 Draft Plan Virtual Tour

Festive 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan booth with balloons

Public Comment Period: October 16 – November 20, 2020

Welcome to the virtual tour of the draft 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for Central Florida!

The draft plan is ready for your review. This is a format where you can learn about the draft plan and provide comment at your own pace. Click on any of the buttons below to learn more about various aspects of the draft 2045 Plan.

Join us on Monday, November 9 at 5:30 p.m. for a webinar called 2045 Plan – The Reveal, where we’ll highlight key projects in our 25-year plan. Attendees will be able to offer comments for the record during the webinar (learn other ways to comment here). Click on the image below to register.

Draft 2045 Plan Document How to Comment Projects & Funding: 2045 Plan by the Numbers Public Participation Report

Draft 2045 Plan Document

The 2045 Plan must be cost feasible, meaning we have to have to be able to pay for projects in the plan with revenues expected over the next couple of decades. This draft Cost Feasible Plan document includes an outline of funding, a list of projects we can afford, and a list of unfunded needs. The MetroPlan Orlando Board will vote on adoption of the 2045 Plan at its December 9, 2020 meeting.

2045 MTP – Cost Feasible Plan – Draft for Public Review

If you would like to dig deeper into the planning process, a series of 2045 Plan technical reports is available here.

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How to Comment

Be sure to get your comments in by November 20, the end of the public comment period. The MetroPlan Orlando Board will receive a summary of public comments prior to taking action on the plan.

2045 Plan Comment Form

    All documents on the draft 2045 Plan are available at: MetroPlanOrlando.org/2045DraftPlan
  • Please share your comments on the draft 2045 Plan. Our board and staff are interested in hearing your opinions on transportation.

There are several ways you can submit public comments on the draft 2045 Plan:

  • Written Comment – Submit a comment form (click on comment form link above)
  • Written Comment – Submit an email to MTP@metroplanorlando.org
  • Spoken Comment – Attend the live virtual event on Nov. 9 (register for the event here) and make an oral comment during the comment period of the meeting. Speakers will have 3 minutes.
  • Spoken Comment – Leave a message on our public comment line at 407-906-2347

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Projects & Funding: 2045 Plan By the Numbers

The 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan is a $24.3 billion plan including $11.44 billion in federal, state, and local funded projects, and another $12.86 billion in projects funded with tolls by Central Florida Expressway Authority and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. The 2045 Plan includes projects from years 2026 through 2045.

This plan diversifies our transportation system more than ever, investing in multimodal projects for all users.  It represents a shift from moving cars to moving people. Some of the projects in the plan would have never been funded through the traditional roads-focused approach of years past. However, our region’s transportation needs still greatly outweigh what we can afford based on current funding projections.

For more details on project categories, types of funding, and unfunded needs, view this infographic PDF:

Infographic – 2045 Plan by the Numbers 

The project lists below are excerpts from the Cost Feasible Plan document. A video on how to navigate the project lists is coming soon! Each link contains the list of funded projects and unfunded needs for that individual project category:

I-4 & Truck Parking – Interstate Highway & Strategic Intermodal System

Toll Projects from CFX & Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

Multimodal State Road Projects – National & State Highway System

Local Road Widenings – Off-System State Highway System Capacity

Technology: Transportation System Management & Operations (TSMO) & Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Complete Streets

Pedestrian, Bicycle & Trails

Transit (Bus & Rail)

Locally Funded Projects – Orange County

Locally Funded Projects – Osceola County

Locally Funded Projects – Seminole County

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Public Participation Report

The 2045 Plan resulted from robust technical planning and the integration of public input. Feedback from the community was crucial to creating a plan that reflects the values of people who live, work, and play in Central Florida. This draft Public Participation Report discusses what we heard from the public and evaluates how we measured up to objectives set forth in our Public Participation Plan.

2045 MTP – Public Participation Report

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