Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study

community feedback report: first step toward a plan

A few months ago, we asked for your reactions to six possible design concepts and seven safety solutions for Corrine Drive. We did a thorough review of the data and comments submitted from more than 1,100 people. This community input will help shape the final design recommendation. Here are some highlights:

  • Survey respondents did not agree on the best solution. No design concept received majority support in the question that asked which design was preferred for Corrine Drive.
  • Though this feedback is not being used as a vote on which design moves forward, it provided valuable information on which features were most important to the community and how we might approach compromises on the final plan.
  • There was clear support for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, which are sorely lacking on the current road. Again, however, there was disagreement on how best to address this need.
  • Most of the proposed safety solutions were heartily supported, pointing to the community’s desire to see safety issues addressed.
  • The Community Feedback Report discusses results on each design concept and safety solution, as well as additional information on how the support broke down by neighborhood and relationship to Corrine Drive.

Thank you for helping shape the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study! See what folks had to say:

Community Feedback Report: Design Options & Safety Solutions (July 2018) — July 2018

What’s Next

The final phase of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study involves refining ideas from the design concepts and safety solutions into a plan. MetroPlan Orlando will work with the local government partners to create a final concept that includes features from several concepts, drawing on ideas respondents supported and characteristics best suited to conditions on Corrine Drive.
We hope to have a final plan at the end of the summer, and there will be another round of community engagement to get feedback on it.
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preliminary design concepts: A recap

As part of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study, we presented three possible overall looks for Corrine Drive, each with a variation. These preliminary design concepts were developed after reviewing the technical data and community response during the first phase of the study. Each reflected a Complete Streets approach by taking into account the needs of all users of the road.

As with most challenges, no perfect solution presented itself. Improving Corrine Drive will involve a series of comparisons and trade-offs. This is why we asked for your reactions to these six distinct ideas for how Corrine could become a Complete Street:
• 5-Lane Concept
• 5-Lane Concept Variation
• 3-Lane Concept
• 3-Lane Concept Variation
• Hybrid Concept
• Hybrid Concept Variation

In addition to the design concepts, we proposed seven safety solutions that could be implemented with any design concept that moves forward.

After gathering your opinions on and meeting with folks in the community, the Phase 2 design concepts closed for comments on March 16, 2018.

Participants discuss Corrine Drive concepts at our table at the Baldwin Park First Friday Festival.

Phase 2 Technical Report

For more in-depth technical information, you can take a look at the Draft Corrine Drive Study Phase 2 Report below, which describes in detail the Phase 2 process and offers more detailed drawings of each design concept and safety solution.

Updates & Corrections as of Feb. 2, 2018

We discovered an inaccurate reporting of the 3-Lane Concept travel time statistic in our Corrine Drive study materials and have made a correction. Our materials first stated that the rush hour travel time for the 3-Lane Concept and 3-Lane Concept Variation is 27.3 minutes in the morning. The morning rush hour travel time is being corrected to 29.8 minutes. The evening drive time is still 23.8 minutes, as originally reported.

We’re deeply sorry for this data input error. It does not reflect the high standards of transportation planning that we set for ourselves. We’re sharing this in our continuing effort to be open, honest, and transparent with this study.

Here’s what we’re doing to correct the issue:
• Travel time reports for all the design concepts (5-Lane, 3-Lane, Hybrid, and their variations) have been rechecked. No other errors were found.
• We have updated the technical report below to include this correction and a new appendix, which includes a memo on how the travel times were calculated, the engineering spreadsheet with the calculations, and copies of the output reports from the computer software that was used to run the travel times. This additional information, while highly technical, presents all the data behind the summary calculations that accompany the design concepts.
• We are reviewing our quality control processes to see what needs to be changed to ensure that this type of data input error does not occur again.

If this correction changes your opinions of any of the design concepts, please log in to our digital platform at and update your opinions. You have until March 16 to change or add to your feedback.

DRAFT Corrine Drive Phase 2 Report — Feb 2018

DRAFT Corrine Drive Study Phase 2 Report — Jan. 17, 2018


The Corrine Drive study will use MetroPlan Orlando’s draft Complete Streets policy to showcase how Complete Streets approaches can shape a corridor.

MetroPlan Orlando is leading the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study in coordination with Orange County, City of Orlando, and City of Winter Park. Corrine Drive is owned by Orange County, maintained by the City of Orlando, and adjacent to the City of Winter Park. With multiple jurisdictions and outside stakeholders involved, the corridor offers an excellent opportunity for MetroPlan Orlando to lead an independent evaluation and creation of a vision.

The study is expected to continue through 2018 and will include technical work and data analysis, along with various opportunities for the public to be involved. The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study is an independent analysis financed through MetroPlan Orlando’s internal planning funds, which combine federal, state and local money.

Keeping Up with the study

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the first phase is finished

During the first phase of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study, MetroPlan Orlando collected technical data and heard the community’s thoughts on Corrine Drive and desires for the corridor’s future. On July 27, about 150 people came to our public workshop at Leu Gardens to hear results from our technical analysis and community survey.  We also presented a video that lays out goals for the study and the kinds of information we collected. You can watch the 6-minute video here.

Workshop materials and other information about the first phase of the study posted. Check out Phase 1 information here.

Photos from our Corrine Drive Phase 1 outreach events are posted on our Facebook page and in the Community Events gallery section of our Community Outreach photo galleries.

Phases of the study

The study has three phases — each with its own technical and public involvement focus. These are discussed in more depth in the Public Involvement Plan:

Phase 1 (Completed Summer of 2017)

We listened to the community’s desires and used this input to help shape the study’s approach. At the same time, we gathered technical data on how the street is used. Findings of our technical analysis and a summary of public comments were presented at a workshop at the end of this phase. The materials are now posted here.

Phase 2 (Currently Under Way)

Transportation planners will analyze possible solutions to determine vehicle travel times and look at pedestrian and cyclist safety and comfort issues, as well as Safe Routes to School strategies.  The public will offer ideas and feedback on what they like best,  primarily in an online forum that presents each idea with detailed information and graphics. Design options and  information will also be shared in small meetings throughout the Corrine Drive area. The public feedback will be used to narrow the list of components for the proposed design. No concept has been pre-selected.

Phase 3 (Future)

MetroPlan Orlando will present a draft Corrine Drive Corridor Plan, which may be a refinement of one of the preliminary concepts or may combine elements of two or more of the concepts. There will be opportunities for the public to provide input, and the plan will be presented to local governments for approval.

Click here to see a graphic representation of how the study timeline will break down and what tasks will fall under each phase:

Corrine Study – Public Involvement Timeline Graphic – rev Nov 2017

participants & objectives

In addition to residents and users of the corridor and surrounding neighborhoods, our team will work with a Regional Partners Group, which includes staff members from the jurisdictions with an interest in the corridor. We also will work with a stakeholders group, called the Project Visioning Team, made up of members of the public and private organizations with an interest in the corridor. View the Corrine Drive Project Visioning Team roster here.

Elected officials from Orange County, the City of Orlando and the City of Winter Park will be advised of progress on the study, as will MetroPlan Orlando Board and Committee members.

The study is expected to wrap up in the Summer of 2018 and seeks to:
•  Enhance connectivity and accessibility
•  Create a safe and supportive environment for walking and cycling
•  Close gaps in regional bicycle infrastructure
•  Identify strategies for improved transit service
•  Create a vision and plan to enhance the corridor without impacting residential neighborhoods

For more information on Complete Streets and MetroPlan Orlando’s efforts to promote Complete Streets in Central Florida, click here.

Study Documents

Community participation for the Corrine Drive Complete Streets study is guided by a Public Involvement Plan, which outlines how the public can be involved in each of the three stages of the study. In addition to an overview of the project and a list of stakeholders, the Public Involvement Plan lays out the objectives and strategies for sharing information and getting feedback.

Corrine Dr Public Involvement Plan – FINAL 3-15-17

This one-page fact sheet helps explain the study’s objectives:

Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study — Fact Sheet, Phase 2 — November 2017

Meeting Materials

Click on the links below to view meeting materials for past meetings.

Project Visioning Team meeting — Aug. 1, 2018

Project Visioning Team meeting – Jan. 17, 2018

Joint Meeting of Project Visioning Team & Regional Partners Group – July 20, 2017

Project Visioning Team meeting – Feb. 6, 2017

Regional Partners Group meeting – Jan. 31, 2017

Staff Contact

For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Whitton
Project Manager
407-481-5672 x312

Cynthia Lambert
Public Information Manager
407-481-5672 x320

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