Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study

what the study has accomplished and what’s ahead

The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study has produced a design to make the street safer and more enjoyable for everyone. We appreciate the extraordinary involvement of the community in helping shape this plan, as hundreds of people participated in the process. A sincere thank you to everyone who was a part of this enormous public effort.

If you are looking for details on the recommended design, there is plenty of information on this page. One of the easiest ways to get a feel for what the proposed design accomplish is to watch this 2-minute video overview: Watch Corrine Drive Recommended Design Video

MetroPlan Orlando presented the recommended design during a community meeting May 1. More than 220 people came to view displays and a presentation, ask questions about the proposed design, and give comments. We collected comments through May 31.

The project team is examining feedback from more than 500 people who shared their thoughts during the month of May using various methods, including an online survey. This data will be used in our final update on public involvement for the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study. Then, we will hand the project over to a local government partner and will work with them to secure funding. The implementing local government will oversee the rest of the design and construction work.

We will continue sending email updates to our subscribers on the plan’s progress. If you have not already signed up for Corrine Drive email updates, please see the information below on how to be added.

People at the May 1 meeting posed about 200 questions, and we have answered them all in the two documents below. Questions with similar themes are grouped, and you can access the them by clicking on the topic from the list on the first page:

Corrine Drive: Answers to Community Questions

Corrine Drive: Answers to Community Questions – Part 2

What’s in the Report

The recommended design for Corrine Drive includes continuous sidewalks, new features for cyclists, a street design that can slow speeds and improve safety, along with more trees for shade and appearance. MetroPlan Orlando – working with Orange County, Orlando, and Winter Park governments – is finishing the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study and exploring next steps for funding and implementing the plan through a local government.

You can read the finished report here and look at some of the display graphics used at the May 1 meeting.

Corrine Drive Study Final Report – April 2019

Recommended Design at a Glance
Key Features
Cross Sections
Making the Plan a Reality
Implementation Options

You can review the slide presentation from our May 1 Community Meeting here:

Presentation at May 1 Community Meeting

Below is a meeting summary of the May 1 Community Meeting, prepared by representatives of the FCRC Consensus Center:

Corrine Drive Community Meeting Summary

a recap of the first two phases

The study is completing its third and final phase. However, there is plenty of information still available on what has happened since 2017. Here are the basics:

Phase 1: Gathered Technical Data & Asked People to Build a Wish List

During the first phase of the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study, MetroPlan Orlando collected technical data and heard the community’s thoughts on Corrine Drive and desires for the corridor’s future. On July 27, about 150 people came to our public workshop at Leu Gardens to hear results from our technical analysis and community survey.  We also presented a video that lays out goals for the study and the kinds of information we collected. You can watch the 6-minute video here.

Workshop materials and other information about the first phase of the study posted. Check out Phase 1 information here.

Photos from our Corrine Drive Phase 1 outreach events are posted on our Facebook page and in the Community Events gallery section of our Community Outreach photo galleries.

Phase 2: Used Public Feedback to Come Up with a Design Concept

During the second phase of the study, MetroPlan Orlando presented possible design concepts to the public through an online platform and received feedback from more than 1,100 people. A series of informal meetings in the corridor gave people more information about the trade-offs and compromises that could make the street work for everyone.

Materials from the second phase of the study, including a community feedback report, are available. Check out Phase 2 information here

Keeping Up with the study

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We will also summarize activities in occasional email updates. These will arrive from MetroPlan Orlando via Constant Contact. Please make sure your email filters will allow you to receive these communications from us.

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The Corrine Drive study is using MetroPlan Orlando’s draft Complete Streets policy to showcase how Complete Streets approaches can shape a corridor.

MetroPlan Orlando is leading the Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study in coordination with Orange County, City of Orlando, and City of Winter Park. Corrine Drive is owned by Orange County, maintained by the City of Orlando, and adjacent to the City of Winter Park. With multiple jurisdictions and outside stakeholders involved, the corridor offers an excellent opportunity for MetroPlan Orlando to lead an independent evaluation of how to improve transportation options.

The study, which is divided into three phases, started in 2017 and will conclude in late spring of 2019. It includes technical work and data analysis, along with various opportunities for the public to be involved. The Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study is an independent analysis financed through MetroPlan Orlando’s internal planning funds, which combine federal, state and local money.

progress of the study

Each of the study’s three phases included its own technical and public involvement focus. These are discussed in more depth in the Public Involvement Plan:

Phase 1 (Completed Summer of 2017)

We listened to the community’s desires and used this input to help shape the study’s approach. At the same time, we gathered technical data on how the street is used. Findings of our technical analysis and a summary of public comments were presented at a workshop at the end of this phase. The materials are now posted here.

Phase 2 (Completed Spring of 2018 with continuing feedback analysis into Summer of 2018)

The public offered feedback on six possible design concepts and seven proposed safety solutions, which grew out of the ideas brought forth in the study’s first phase, along with technical data and best practices. Feedback was summarized in preparation for moving toward a recommended design.

Phase 3 (Underway)

MetroPlan Orlando will present a draft Corrine Drive Corridor Plan, which combines several elements of the design concepts with some of the proposed safety solutions. There will be opportunities for the public to provide input through the end of May 2019, and the plan will be presented to local governments for funding and implementation.

participants & objectives

In addition to residents and users of the corridor and surrounding neighborhoods, our team has worked with a Regional Partners Group, which includes staff members from the jurisdictions with an interest in the corridor. We also worked with a stakeholders group, called the Project Visioning Team, made up of members of the public and private organizations with an interest in the area. View the Corrine Drive Project Visioning Team roster here.

Elected officials from Orange County, the City of Orlando and the City of Winter Park are advised of progress on the study, as will MetroPlan Orlando Board and Committee members.

The study seeks to:
•  Enhance connectivity and accessibility
•  Create a safe and supportive environment for walking and cycling
•  Close gaps in regional bicycle infrastructure
•  Identify strategies for improved transit service
•  Create a plan to enhance the corridor without adversely impacting residential neighborhoods

For more information on Complete Streets and MetroPlan Orlando’s efforts to promote Complete Streets in Central Florida, click here.

Study Documents

Community participation for the Corrine Drive Complete Streets study is guided by a Public Involvement Plan, which outlines how the public can be involved in each of the three stages of the study. In addition to an overview of the project and a list of stakeholders, the Public Involvement Plan lays out the objectives and strategies for sharing information and getting feedback.

Corrine Dr Public Involvement Plan – FINAL 3-15-17

This one-page fact sheet helps explain the study’s objectives:

Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study — Fact Sheet, Phase 2 — November 2017

Meeting Materials

Click on the links below to view meeting materials for past meetings.

Project Visioning Team meeting — Aug. 1, 2018

Project Visioning Team meeting – Jan. 17, 2018

Joint Meeting of Project Visioning Team & Regional Partners Group – July 20, 2017

Project Visioning Team meeting – Feb. 6, 2017

Regional Partners Group meeting – Jan. 31, 2017


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