Video Gallery

Our video gallery offers several ways to learn about transportation planning and also lets us capture voices and images of Central Floridians as they share their transportation stories. Take a look at these examples. For more transportation videos, visit our YouTube page.

How Transportation Projects Come to Life

Have you ever wondered what it takes to accomplish all the transportation projects around Central Florida? A lot of moving parts are required to keep our transportation system going. Here's the short version of how it happens.

We Need You to Get Involved in the Transportation System

Find out about all the ways you can get involved in the transportation planning process with MetroPlan Orlando. Our Executive Director Harry Barley tells you why it's important.

Transportation Disadvantaged Program

ACCESS LYNX provides rides for more than 2,000 disabled or disadvantaged Central Floridians every day. Take a look at how this important piece of our transportation system works.

Pedestrian Planning: Put Your Feet In It

All of us are pedestrians at some points during the day. That's why pedestrian connections and safety are so important in our transportation splanning. Find out what we and our partners are doing to make walking easier and safer in Central Florida.

Bicycle Planning: Put Some Pedal in Your Life

Riding a bicycle is a healthy, inexpensive way to travel. Whether you're commuting through city streets or enjoying a nature trail, seeing Central Florida on two wheels is a great way to go.

Population Growth by the Year 2040

Our region is set to add 1 million residents by the year 2040. See a graphic representation of where Central Florida's population will increase.

Looking to the Year 2040: How Will We Get There?

This video give details about our 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and aspects of our other plans:

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