Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan

How technology will improve the region's transportation future?



More than any of our plans, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan is MetroPlan’s Orlando’s path forward in 21st Century transportation. The plan was launched to evaluate the region’s information, communication and technology systems and to determine future needs. The ITS Master Plan focuses on technology to improve traffic flow and aims to provide an efficient, reliable and safe system for all modes of transportation in Central Florida.


A steering committee — with members representing each of MetroPlan Orlando’s three counties, the City of Orlando, LYNX and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) – spent 16 months assessing ITS goals, objectives, needs and strategies of the region.

The main goals of the effort are to:
•    Maximize performance of the multi-modal transportation system
•    Integrate information, communication, and technology to help system users make appropriate choices
•    Enhance safety and security of the transportation system
•    Protect the environment and enhance quality of life in Central Florida


The analysis showed that ITS investments not only help move transportation into the future, but also make financial sense. Looking at ITS investments and strategies in the Orlando Urban Area using the Tool for Operations Benefit/Cost, revealed a region-wide annual benefit of $70.3 million compared to a cost of $13.8 million.

An inventory of existing ITS infrastructure for the City of Orlando, each of the three counties, Central Florida Transportation Authority (LYNX), and FDOT included these needs:
•    Upgrades to existing devices and systems
•    Expanded coverage of technologies
•    Better connectivity between jurisdictions
•    More sensors for data collection
•    Agreements on information sharing
•    Better integration with transit, especial rail operations

As a result, several ITS management strategies were recommended. A review of the Regional ITS Architecture (RITSA) was conducted to ensure strategies and systems comply with the Code of Federal Regulations.


A Concept of Operations defined the enhancements required for Seminole, Orange, and Osceola counties — and the municipalities in these counties — to effectively manage ITS assets and operations as a part of the regional system. A scoring method for new projects focuses on linking proposed projects with the goals and objectives of the ITS Master Plan to address local priorities.

Existing funding sources are reported in the plan, which includes 34 new ITS projects. The total cost for the projects proposed in the ITS Master Plan is $48,417,200.



ITS Master Plan — May 2017

ITS Master Plan — Appendix A-F

ITS Master Plan — Appendix G


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