Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) establishes the vision of Central Florida’s multi-modal transportation system. Covering a 20-year period, the LRTP identifies current and future needs based on population projections and travel demand. The plan is updated every five years to reflect the changing dynamics of the region.  Projects must be included in the long range plan to receive federal funding.

The Central Florida region is currently guided by the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan, which was adopted by a unanimous vote of the MetroPlan Orlando Board originally on June 11, 2014 and updated on December 9, 2015.

THE 2040 lrtp

A reader-friendly report of all work completed on the 2040 Plan is contained in the executive summary, which serves as a guide to the overall plan documents. Links within the summary lead to individual technical reports and other materials that make up the plan. Printed copies of the Executive Summary are available by contacting MetroPlan Orlando staff at LRTP@MetroPlanOrlando.org or 407-481-5672 x305.

2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Executive Summary

Establishing a long range plan requires two key components: a technical process and a public involvement process.

The Technical Process

The technical process involves three phases:

  1. developing the commuter models that will be used to project future travel demand;
  2. identifying broad needs and available funding options;
  3. determining a list of projects that are financially feasible by prioritizing transportation needs identified during the second phase.

The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan document below provides a detailed overview, including an introduction to the supporting technical reports.

2040 Long Range Transportation Plan: Technical Overview of Plan

A comprehensive listing of 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan technical reports can be found here.


An amendment or addendum keeps the Long Range Transportation Plan current as situations in the region change or federal or state rules are updated. The plan can be changed for many different reasons. The 2040 Plan has been amended several times since it was originally adopted on December 9, 2015. These amendments, the dates they took effect and the reasons for making the changes are all summarized on a separate Amendments page.

Learn more about the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan Amendments here.

The Public Involvement Process

The long range planning process requires significant input from various partners and stakeholders, including the public. Through the public involvement process, we focus on involving local communities and gathering their feedback.   Before the board adopts a long range plan, it gives particular consideration to public input as well as the recommendations of the region’s transportation planners.

Read more about public involvement for the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan.  Outreach strategies included Community Conversations with local groups, an interactive town hall event called MetroPlan LIVE, a Transportation Superhero contest for young students, social media, and a public hearing.

2040 LRTP; Public Involvement Final Report

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