Pedestrian Program

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point during the day – whether walking on foot or using a wheelchair. For many, walking is a primary mode of transportation. A system that serves a variety of users must consider the walker’s needs and safety, including essential connections to regional bus and rail systems.

Providing better walking options leads to a healthier community. Various research studies have linked walkable physical environments and lower obesity rates. Active transportation options that link people to public transportation also create “ladders of opportunity” – making it easier for people to connect with jobs, education and essential services such as healthcare.


MetroPlan Orlando’s pedestrian program uses a complete streets approach to help residents and visitors reach their destinations by foot, car, train or bicycle. One major objective of our planning is to fill gaps in the pedestrian network. We also partner with other organizations to offer educational resources related to pedestrian safety for people of all ages.

View the pedestrian and bicycle report from our 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan to learn more about how specific pedestrian and bicycle projects are prioritized.

2040 Bicycle and Pedestrian Technical Report


Pedestrian planning extends beyond access and features – safety is also a crucial consideration. Sidewalks, crosswalks, and road design all impact pedestrian travel and safety.

MetroPlan Orlando’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan addresses the need to improve the physical environment for pedestrians – sidewalks, crosswalks, and roadway design – as well as the driving and walking behaviors needed to reduce accidents.  The plan identifies behaviors that contribute to pedestrian crashes and outlines solutions and strategies to address these.

Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

We’re founding members of Best Foot Forward, a community pedestrian safety coalition that seeks to reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths through the Triple E approach — Engineering, Education and Enforcement. Through the use of low-cost engineering, community education and high-visibility enforcement techniques, Best Foot Forward is working to reduce pedestrian deaths and injuries in Central Florida. The coalition includes local government, engineers and planners, law enforcement officers, health professionals, school officials, and others. MetroPlan Orlando provides funding to the program and expert resources to regularly provide reports on pedestrian crash statistics.

ADA AccomModations

ADA accommodation requests contacts for county and state roads may be submitted below:


If you need to report a small physical problem on a path or roadway that could pose a safety hazard for pedestrians, please fill out our Spot Improvement Form.


Visit the Bicycle and Pedestrian Program archive to view all documents related to this topic.

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