Prioritized Project List

The Prioritized Project List (PPL) contains a list of unfunded highway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects that have been ranked for funding. Priorities are based on established criteria such as traffic volumes, available matching local funds, and regional equity.

The PPL serves as a bridge document between MetroPlan Orlando’s Long Range Transportation Plan and the five-year Transportation Improvement Program.   Once long-term needs are determined by the 20-year long range plan, projects are prioritized and put on the Prioritized Project List, a funding waiting list. When funding becomes available, the project moves to the five-year plan. The current PPL is below.

Prioritized Project List 2026-2035; Adopted 7-7-2021


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The Prioritized Project List is updated annually, allowing local governments to plan for the implementation of projects in their communities. The process begins with a call for projects by MetroPlan Orlando staff in March of each year. A web-based tool is used to collect project information from project sponsors, which are typically local governments.

Staff works with members of the Technical Advisory Committee  and Transportation Systems Management & Operations Advisory Committee to develop a draft list that builds on the list from the previous year. The draft PPL then goes through MetroPlan Orlando’s advisory committees and board for comment and review. After adjustments are made based on input received, the list is finalized and presented again to committees and the MetroPlan Orlando Board for approval, typically in August/September.


To view lists from previous years, please visit our Prioritized Project List archive.

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