Air Quality

The quality of the air we breathe has a direct effect on our health – especially the health of children. Our transportation choices can make a big difference in air quality. In Central Florida, the emissions released from cars, trucks and boats, account for more than 60% of our air pollution. MetroPlan Orlando tracks the region’s air quality and works hard to create plans that include transportation options to help improve air quality.

The Clean Air Act


The Clean Air Act defines the Environmental Protection Agency’s responsibilities for protecting and improving the nation’s air quality.  This federal law gives the EPA the authority to establish national air quality standards to protect public health and to regulate hazardous air pollutants.

In 2015, the EPA announced new, stricter air quality standards to be phased in over several years. If an area is designated nonattainment – meaning not meeting the current standard – its leaders must put together a plan to improve air quality.

While Central Florida has enjoyed air quality within federal standards, we continue to monitor our progress.  Metropolitan areas that don’t meet air quality standards risk losing valuable transportation dollars.

Air Quality Monitoring for Ozone

Our air quality is monitored daily through specified stations in each county.  To find out what the standings are in your community, visit the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website.  Use the interactive map to first choose your county, your monitoring station, and the relevant month.  Current readings are recorded and available daily.

MetroPlan Orlando publishes monthly air quality reports during ozone season (May to October) that track the region’s attainment status. See the latest report below.

Air Quality Monitoring Reports – 2016 Ozone Season

Clean Air Team

In 1999, MetroPlan Orlando initiated the development of the Clean Air Team, a broad-based community group that encourages people to develop and practice clean air habits. Click here to learn more.

Air Quality Contingency Plan

In partnership with the University of Central Florida, MetroPlan Orlando developed an Air Quality Contingency Plan for our three-county area. This plan identifies cost-effective ways to reduce emissions and improve air quality in our community. View the final report below.

2011 Contingency Plan Final Report

ARCHIVED Air Quality Reports

To view reports from previous years, please visit our Air Quality archive.

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