Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts

One of the greatest challenges for bicycle and pedestrian transportation planning is documenting use and demand. Accurate, consistent figures help planners examine cycling and pedestrian trends to ensure that long range transportation planning is responsive to cyclists and walkers.

MetroPlan Orlando’s Bicyclist & Pedestrian Count Program tracks bicycle and pedestrian facility use throughout the region to help:

  • Gauge regional and local levels of bicycling and walking beyond what is available from Census data
  • Evaluate the impacts of specific projects (before and after) with mobile counts
  • Inform the public and decision makers about use and travel patterns
  • Identify trends to help in planning and designing multimodal transportation infrastructure, as well as implementing education and enforcement programs
  • Aid in prioritizing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and planning projects
  • Secure additional funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects

We use a combination of counting methods to give us a better picture of active transportation in Central Florida.

Manual Count Program

Every year, MetroPlan Orlando participates in the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project (NBPD). With the generous help of volunteers, MetroPlan Orlando conducts bicycle and pedestrian counts at key locations throughout Central Florida one to two times per year.

The National Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Documentation Project provides a standard methodology for the counts to ensure consistency across the country. Volunteers count bicyclists and pedestrians for two-hour periods, while sitting outside at various intersections. First-time volunteers are required to attend a training session to learn how to complete the documentation properly. Volunteers who have previously participated may click here to view a refresher training video.

For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, contact Mighk Wilson at or (407) 481-5672 x. 318.

View a sample count sheet and training presentation below.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Sheet; 2015

Bicycle and Pedestrian Training Presentation; 2015

Digital Count Program

In 2015, MetroPlan Orlando launched a digital counter program using Eco-Counter’s PYRO-Boxes. This program collects bicyclist and pedestrian counts on roads and trails throughout the region using passive infrared technology and pneumatic tube equipment. Digital counters can easily be moved around the region to gather data on bicycling and walking patterns from various areas. They also help us understand how volumes vary with weather and season.
FDOT makes an additional resource available for planning analysis from Strava, a mobile phone application company. Though it has limitations, Strava’s aggregated bicyclist GPS data allows us to gain a much deeper understanding of cycling patterns in the region. Learn more about FDOT and Strava’s partnership here.

MetroPlan Orlando is currently working with FDOT and local governments to analyze which technology is viable for our area and to develop a list of proposed installation sites.

Bicycle and pedestrian count report

Are you curious about how many bicyclists and pedestrians are moving around our region? View our latest count report below, which compiles data from manual and digital counts.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts; 2016 Report

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