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The 10th Street Complete Streets Study in St. Cloud has evaluated 10th Street from US 192 to South Narcoossee Road. The aim is to improve transportation and safety for residents and visitors, creating a positive economic impact to the community. The study is now entering its third phase, in which we present the Final Concept Plan, which was developed using input from hundreds of members of the community during the first two phases. You can view this 6-minute video for a complete fly-through, which points out the most important features of the plan.

get a close-up view with our concept board maps

The 10th Street Complete Streets Study in St. Cloud analyzes a 4-mile stretch, from U.S. 192 to Narcoossee Road, that passes through several distinct areas. To provide detailed views of how recommended changes would affect 10th Street, we have developed concept maps that highlight and explain these improvements along the current corridor.

The maps are large and may open slowly on some devices. They are best viewed at specific points, using the zoom function to bring up increasing levels of detail. Each map has 2 tiers that run left to right to complete its limits.

The first map begins at U.S. 192 and runs through the Medical Arts and Historic Grid areas to Vermont Avenue on the top tier; the bottom tier takes you from Jersey to Maryland Avenue, passing through the Downtown Core. The second map picks up at Carolina Avenue on the top tier and goes to a planned roundabout at Old Hickory Tree Road. On the bottom tier, it continues from Dean Street through a Suburban Transition area to Narcoossee Road.

The maps include breakouts to show where the character of 10th Street changes along the route, to explain how the project will affect drainage issues in the area, and to highlight the timetable and next steps for the project.

10th Street Concept Board1 – US192-Maryland Avenue

10th Street Concept Board2 – Carolina Avenue-Narcoossee Road



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10th street in St. Cloud

Within St. Cloud, 10th Street is a significant east to west street and provides a vital link to Downtown. This critical linkage to the heart of our community serves an important function of connecting residents to the vibrant shops and events in Downtown.


The study is being led by MetroPlan Orlando in partnership with Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud. This study will coordinate and engage with community members, agencies, businesses, and government entities throughout the 18-month duration of the project (January 2021 through June 2022) in order to guide project goals, provide support and feedback for alternative’s concepts, and share information about the recommended conceptual plan.


10th street study timeline

January – June 2021

PHASE 1: DEFINING SUCCESS – A clear definition of success is established through a thorough investigation of the study area’s issues and opportunities

July 2021 – February 2022

PHASE 2: ALTERNATIVES ASSESSMENT – Alternative strategies are developed and evaluated against the issues and opportunities defined in Phase 1

February – June 2022

PHASE 3: CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT – Planning-level concept plan developed based on the recommended alternative from Phase 2

study docuMENTS

10th Street Study – Project Visioning Team Meeting #2 – Meeting Record – February 2, 2022

10th Street Study – Possibilities: Proposed Typical Sections – November 2021

10th Street Study – Intersection Opportunities and Solutions – November 2021

10th Street Study – Alternatives Survey Flyer – November 2021

10th Street Study – Chapter 1: Defining Success – September 2021

10th Street Study – Project Visioning Team Meeting #1 – Meeting Record – June 7, 2021

10th Street Fact Sheet – ENGLISH

10th Street Fact Sheet – SPANISH

outreach updaTes

We send out periodic email updates on the 10th Street study, which you can subscribe to using the form near the top of this page. Here are links to previous updates:

February 2022 – 10th Street Survey 2 – https://conta.cc/3BCxUT2

February 2022 – Combined Studies Participation – https://conta.cc/3gCfkk0

November 2021 – 10th Street Newsletter #1 – https://conta.cc/31M2Ylb

April 2021 – Initial 10th Street Survey – https://conta.cc/3uLgQ8M


For more information, contact:
Alex Trauger, MetroPlan Orlando, Project Manager
250 South Orange Ave, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 481-5672 Ext. 313

Para mas informacion contacte:
Cynthia Lambert, APR, Public Information Manager
250 South Orange Ave, Suite 200
Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 481-5672 Ext. 320

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