Bicyclist Safety

bicyclist safety

MetroPlan Orlando is constantly working to get better data to help us improve traffic safety. Over the years, we’ve collected detailed data on crashes involving bicyclists. Recently, improved technology has allowed us to get more accurate bicyclist counts. The combination of these two data sources greatly increases our ability to understand relative risks of various bicycling environments and bicyclist behaviors.

We’ve completed a study of ten streets with bicycle lanes compared to ten similar streets without bicycle lanes to better understand how these lanes impact safety. Through this effort we’ve also assessed the relative safety of sidewalk cycling and the safety of shared use paths (trails) that run adjacent to roads.


Bicycling Facilities, Crash Types, and Bicyclist Risk: Executive Summary — This seven page document provides a brief overview of the findings of our research.

Bicyclist Crash Types and Risk – Executive Summary – July 2021

Bicycling Facilities, Crash Types, and Bicyclist Risk — This 33-page document is an in-depth analysis of our data and findings.

Bicyclist Crash Types and Risk White Paper – July 2021

Mighk Wilson, senior planner and project manager at MetroPlan Orlando, briefly discusses the research in this video.

For more information about the research, please contact Mr. Wilson at

Previous research into bicycle lanes from 2007 –

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