Tracking Transportation Trends

MetroPlan Orlando researches current Central Florida trends to help plan for the region’s transportation needs. Tracking regional trends gives us insight into where the transportation system is doing well and what areas need improvement. It also gives us an indication of future needs.

2015 Transportation Trends Highlights


Our most recent 2015 Tracking the Trends report, published in April 2016, compiles data from the years 2011 through 2015. Some of the statistics include: traffic counts, vehicle miles traveled, Central Florida demographics, and data on traffic crashes. Click here to view our most recently produced Tracking the Trends report, which uses data through 2015 and was published in June of 2016:

Tracking The Trends; June 2016

Two major trends in the report include:

  • Robust Economy – Tourism is thriving, with record-breaking numbers of visitors — resulting in busy airports, roads and rental car counters. From 2011 to 2015, Central Florida has grown at a pace almost twice that of the overall state growth. This has led to growing numbers of licensed drivers, transit riders, and airport passengers. Gasoline consumption has also risen as gas prices have gone down.
  • Safety Challenges – Automobile fatalities have decreased, thanks in part to automobile technology advances. However, the overall number of crashes and incapacitating injuries to drivers and others have increased significantly. Making the transportation system safer for cyclists and pedestrians has also been a major concern across the region. Though pedestrian fatalities are down slightly – which is a good thing – bicyclist fatalities and incapacitating injuries for both pedestrians and bicyclists are up.

Archived Transportation Trends Reports

Visit our Tracking Transportation Trends archive to view reports from previous years.

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