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Transportation affects quality of life for everyone in the region, so it’s essential for the public to be involved in transportation planning. MetroPlan Orlando’s active public involvement program ensures that the community has opportunities to provide feedback as transportation plans are being developed.

Two Draft Plans Open for Comment

We have two public participation plans that are open for comments through Sept. 10, 2019. You are invited to review these plans and let us know how you think they might be changed to provide a better public outreach process. The draft plans are available below. You may email comments to; use our online comment form; or mail them to us at 250 S. Orange Ave., Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32801.

We are currently developing a public participation plan for our 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, which is our long-range planning document that is updated every five years. the public participation plan for the 2045 Plan outlines how we will engage Central Floridians in the process of creating a vision for Central Florida transportation in the year 2045. The outreach efforts for the 2045 Plan will get underway this fall.

2045 MTP PPP Public Participation Plan – DRAFT FOR COMMENT

The second plan is MetroPlan Orlando’s 2019 Public Participation Plan, the overall outline of our community outreach process. This plan updates a Public Involvement Plan for the organization that was approved in 2016 by the MetroPlan Orlando Board. This plan includes descriptions of how we make outreach continuous, cooperative, and coordinated and shows how we will measure our efforts in the region. We will publish on our website periodic reviews of the plan to demonstrate how our public involvement activities are working.

2019 Public Participation Plan – DRAFT FOR COMMENT

For questions or more information on either plan, please call 407-481-5672 x305.

The 2016 Plan

The Public Involvement Plan, adopted on February 10, 2016, outlines a community outreach process that is continuous, cooperative, and coordinated. The plan includes objectives, strategies and measurement tools for the program and ensures that MetroPlan Orlando meets all federal and state requirements for public involvement.

2016 Public Involvement Plan; Adopted 2-10-16

To learn more about our community outreach efforts and how you can get involved in the transportation planning process, visit our community outreach section.

To learn more about how we ensure equality in the planning process, view our nondiscrimination and language plans.

Since the adoption of the 2016 Public Involvement Plan, staff has reviewed progress on the goals laid out in the plan and prepared dashboard-style annual reviews of our progress:

2018 Public Involvement Plan Annual Review

2017 Public Involvement Plan Annual Review

2016 Public Involvement Plan Annual Review



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