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MetroPlan Orlando has partnered with the University of Central Florida to conduct transportation-focused public opinion research since 2001. This statistically valid research helps us keep a pulse on community opinions related to various transportation issues and is an important piece of our public involvement efforts.

The 2015 public opinion research survey was conducted in partnership with the UCF Institute for Social & Behavioral Sciences. Unlike its predecessors, the 2015 survey used innovative methodology including 383 face-to-face iPad surveys in the community, an internet panel of 460 pre-screened online respondents who reflected a true probability sample for the region, and 108 computer-assisted telephone interviews with residents of Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. In addition, we recruited 455 volunteers via the MetroPlan Orlando website and social media to take the survey online.

Find out more about what our community thinks by reading the full report.

Public Opinion Research Report 2015

An addendum to the report was prepared to examine cross tabulations between various respondent characteristics and particular opinion items from the telephone survey. Statistically significant relationships that were discovered in the analysis are discussed in the addendum.

Public Opinion Research Report 2015; Statistical Supplement

Highlights from 2015 Public Opinion Survey

The 2015 public opinion report shed some light on the various transportation issues that should be addressed in ongoing transportation planning.

  • Most Central Floridians feel that not enough is being done to address transportation issues and that too little is being spent – resulting in an overall impression that the transportation system does not adequately serve the needs of residents and visitors.
  • Central Floridians are beginning to use more alternatives to driving, including walking and biking or taking the bus or SunRail.
  • Public transportation is growing in popularity, with 93% agreeing that “Central Florida needs a more balanced transportation system – including increased transit options like trains and more buses.”
  • Safety is a vital factor in transportation planning, but providing for the needs of all users – including drivers, bus riders, rail riders, pedestrians and bicyclists – is the next most important planning factor after safety.
  • Bicycling and walking need more emphasis – most people said they would like to walk and bike more, and to feel safer doing so.
  • People have misconceptions about transportation funding and a majority now endorse an increase in gas tax or sales tax for funding transportation.

2015 Public Opinion Research: 8 Things to Know Infographic


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