Transportation Improvement Program

Updated annually, the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) sets the schedule for improvements to the region’s transportation system over the next five years.  This short-term plan assigns available funding to specific projects and covers all modes of transportation.

Public involvement is an important part of the planning process for each of our plans, including the Transportation Improvement Program.  The draft plan is taken through MetroPlan Orlando’s advisory committees for feedback, and a public meeting is held before the plan is officially approved by the board.

The 2020 Virtual TIP Public Meeting

This year’s public meeting to discuss the TIP was held on June 22. The meeting offered an overview of the five-year work program and highlighted various types of projects. We also debuted the Interactive TIP web map. The virtual TIP public meeting can be viewed below:

the current TIP

The plan shows in detail how nearly $7 billion will be invested over the next five years to bring the region’s Long Range Transportation Plan to life.  Refer to the most recent Transportation Improvement Program for more details:

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) 2020-2024 ; Adopted 6-29-2020; Revised 3-10-2021


MetroPlan Orlando has a TIP web map allowing you to search for project details. Experience the interactive TIP here.


Visit our Transportation Improvement Program archive to view TIPs from previous years.

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