Transportation System Management & Operations

Technology continues to evolve, and the possibilities for advancing the improvement of our transportation infrastructure and safety are simply amazing. Technology solutions can be much more affordable than new construction, providing exceptional value for our region.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) use advanced technology to help inform residents about transportation modes and traffic management. These applications – including such things as traffic signals, message signs, and management at crash scenes or in work zones — help users make safer, smarter use of the transportation system.

ITS solutions help relieve road congestion, alert motorists to accidents and travel delays, and provide options for alternative routes. We’re already seeing the evolution of self-driving cars, and companies are exploring ways to revolutionize deliveries to consumers. MetroPlan Orlando aims to use technology to improve the performance of the transportation system, resulting in safer, less-congested travel.

Here are some ways technology innovations are impacting our transportation system:

CAV Readiness Study

MetroPlan Orlando has commissioned a study to assess Central Florida’s readiness for the expected arrival and integration of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) on public roads in the region. Find out more about this ongoing work on the CAV Readiness Study page.

SIGNAL RETIMING: Travel time and delay study

Since 2007, MetroPlan Orlando has ranked retiming and coordinating traffic signals as a top priority to mitigate traffic congestion, make roadways more efficient, and improve air quality and safety.   Each year, traffic signal timing plans are implemented on selected corridors.

A Travel Time and Delay Study is conducted on select corridors to collect data such as level of service, travel speeds and travel times before implementing a new signal timing plan.  A second travel time data collection occurs after the signal timing plan is complete, and benefit-cost calculations are completed for each retimed corridor as well as for the overall retiming program. Click on the links below to learn more by looking at the latest version of our Travel Time and Delay and Benefit-Cost Study and the at-a-glance infographic that summarizes the impacts of the retiming program for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

MetroPlan Orlando Travel Time Study 2020- 2021

ITS Master Plan

The ITS Master Plan evaluates current systems and outlines technology increase the efficiency and reliability of our system, better communicate information to system users, enhance safety and security, and protect the environment. It also ensures the region’s practices conform to federal and state requirements. The plan also provides recommendations on devices, services and syste,s that use technology and data to improve our transportation system.

rethink Your Commute


Technology can help residents make transportation choices that benefit them and the system. The Florida Department of Transportation introduced reThink Your Commute in 2010 to connect commuters and employers with options, such as carpooling and public transit, that help save money for both the employer and the employee. The program has grown and diversified, as the region has evolved. To find out more, visit the reThink website.


Visit our Transportation System Management & Operations archive to view studies from previous years.

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