Central Florida’s 2.5 million residents and 72 million tourists need a full set of transportation options to successfully move around the region, and transit plays an important part. MetroPlan Orlando, as the region’s metropolitan planning organization, is involved in numerous transit activities in Central Florida across the state.

Transit – also called public transportation – fits well with MetroPlan Orlando’s Health & Transportation initiatives and with our air-quality and other environmental goals. It can help cut emissions, streamline traffic and encourage physical activity.

sunrail: commuter rail service

In 2014, regional passenger rail service in Central Florida became a reality. SunRail now operates for 47 miles between DeBary in Volusia County and the Poinciana area in Osceola County. Several thousand people use SunRail each day. Check out Monday-Friday schedules at the SunRail website.

Transit-Oriented Development and SunRail Riders Research

SunRail has ushered in an evolution to more transit-supportive land uses near key transit hubs. Its 16 stops are located in exurban, suburban, and downtown areas.

MetroPlan Orlando recently completed a project with Florida State University to learn more about the relationship between the multiple transit-oriented developments that have been recently built and SunRail’s current and potential riders. This is the first research the agency has done to understand the interplay between transit and real estate development. Read the report here:

SunRail TOD Report FINAL 11-18

Other current areas for SunRail and MetroPlan Orlando coordination include:

  • SunRail Technical Advisory Committee – A forum where MetroPlan Orlando, along with representatives from local governments, serve as a conduit between SunRail and local governments along the SunRail route
  • Transit Asset Management – A federal rule that calls for transit agencies to keep capital assets in good repair

LYNX Bus Service

LYNX is Central Florida’s regional transit authority. Serving the same planning area as MetroPlan Orlando, the agencies coordinate on several issues, including planning, funding, and transportation disadvantaged needs. More information about regional bus service is available at the LYNX website.

Current Areas for LYNX and MetroPlan Orlando coordination include:

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