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complete streets

MetroPlan Orlando plans, supports, and advances the region’s network of Complete Streets.

Complete Streets are planned, designed, constructed, operated, and maintained to safely and comfortably accommodate people of all ages and abilities. That includes, but is not limited to: pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders, transit users, rideshare users, motorists, and freight and service operators.

benefits of Complete Streets

Complete Streets help make a livable community for everyone. There are a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved safety,
  • Better access, particularly for people with disabilities,
  • Economic development throughout the area,
  • Enhanced public health through active transportation, and
  • Improved air quality for a better environment.

Our REGIONAL complete streets POLICY

In addition to supporting municipal Complete Streets policies across our region, we have spent the past several years developing a regional Complete Streets policy to guide the planning and design of Central Florida’s transportation network. Our goal is to create livable communities that provide safe, convenient transportation such as walking, bicycling and public transit, in addition to driving and so we wanted to create a policy that reflected that vision.

In March 2020, the MetroPlan Orlando Board approved the Regional Complete Streets Policy. This policy will help shape the future of the region by ensuring that all future roads and improvements are consistent with Complete Street guidelines. The policy was written with best practices in mind and with the help of our local government partners.

MetroPlan Orlando Regional Complete Streets Policy – Approved 3-11-20

The 2016 Complete Streets Policy Report

In 2016, MetroPlan Orlando and its partners made the case for Complete Streets in its Complete Streets Policy Report. The report explained how the Complete Streets approach would benefit Central Florida.

Complete Streets Draft Policy Report


Complete Streets play an important role in achieving the goals we laid out in the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan. Those goals are:

  • Safety & Security
  • Reliability & Performance
  • Access & Connectivity
  • Health & Environment
  • Investment & Economy

Our 2045 Plan allocates 32% of MetroPlan Orlando’s Transportation Management Area (TMA) funds to Complete Streets projects. Over the course of the next 25 years, that amounts to over $203 million spread across 21 projects. Visit the 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan page for more information.


We are currently working on two Complete Streets projects in our area. You can find more information on the project pages below:

visit the 10th st study page

visit the Rock Springs Road and West Orange Trail Studies page


Corrine Drive in Orlando

A study looking at Corrine Drive, from US 17/92 to Bennett Road, used MetroPlan Orlando’s 2015 Draft Complete Streets Policy to showcase how Complete Streets techniques can shape a corridor. MetroPlan Orlando led the Corrine Drive Complete Streets study in coordination with Orange County, City of Orlando, and City of Winter Park. Corrine Drive is owned by Orange County, maintained by the City of Orlando, and adjacent to the City of Winter Park. With multiple jurisdictions and outside stakeholders involved, the corridor offered a unique opportunity for MetroPlan Orlando to lead an independent evaluation and creation of a vision. For more information, visit the Corrine Drive study page and read the final report below.

Corrine Drive Complete Streets Study – Final Report – April 2019

Silver Star Road in Ocoee

The Silver Star Road Complete Streets study examined a lower cost alternative to widening with improved safety, and extension of the West Orange Trail to Downtown Ocoee. MetroPlan Orlando led the study, working directly with City of Ocoee to develop recommendations that support the overall Downtown Vision while maintaining a safe and reliable connection to SR 429 and destinations to the east. For more information, visit the Silver Star study page and read the final report below.

Silver Star Road Complete Streets Study – Final Report – July 2019

Case Studies

As part of the policy development process, MetroPlan Orlando conducted a series of regional case studies to highlight strategies for incorporating Complete Streets design principles into local projects. Each case study corridor was selected to show specific teachable elements of Complete Streets design and implementation. See the reports below for more information. The corridors are:

  • Columbia Avenue (Kissimmee) – Enhanced bicycle and pedestrian accommodations to support future transit investment
  • Howell Branch Road (Seminole County) – Improve bicycle and pedestrian comfort and safety on large suburban arterial
  • Orange Center Boulevard (Orlando) – Lane reduction and enhanced bicycle accommodations to support community redevelopment

Columbia Avenue Complete Streets Case Study

Howell Branch Road Complete Streets Case Study

Orange Center Complete Streets Case Study

Complete Street improvements on North Oxford Road include dedicated bicycle lanes, 8-foot sidewalks and enhanced pedestrian crossings. (Photo courtesy of City of Casselberry)

Complete Street improvements on North Oxford Road include dedicated bicycle lanes, 8-foot sidewalks and enhanced pedestrian crossings. (Photo courtesy of City of Casselberry)



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